The Commitment of Ownership
Our philosophy is different from typical translation agencies.  We do not employ freelance translators.  Every translator, proof reader, and technical editor on our team is a part owner who has a vested interest in doing the best possible job for you.

Each member of JET Patent & IP brings a unique qualification that strengthens the whole.  We have engineers, patent agents, attorneys, and international law professionals working on your documents.  We work closely with our clients and learn their individual requirements in order to deliver finished legal documents saving them time and money otherwise spent on reworking a confusing translation.
Our Philosophy
Full Access behind the Curtains
Our translators are assigned personal identification codes so you know the qualifications as well as name and phone number of the translator who has your documents.  With that code, you can request the same translator again for consistency and piece of mind.  It’s like having your own in-house translator you know and trust by name.

In order to provide you with finished product quality, we have honed and standardized our process for repeatable and consistent results.  Every Mirror and Ready-to-File translation is reviewed by native check editors from the same field for accuracy, consistency, and language in the format you designate.  As the client, you have options when trusting JET to translate your Japanese IP documents.
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Accurate, consistent, and professional IP translation from Japanese to English.
Because Words Matter.