About JET Patent & IP
We are a tight-knit group of professionals from various parts of the patent and IP industry who have banded together to create something greater than the sum of our individual worth.  JET Patent & IP shares ownership across the company.  Everyone who touches a customer document as part of the translation, check-edit, or technical review, not only gets paid for their individual production but shares in the profits of the whole.  Our model ensures the highest quality, cooperation, and loyalty not possible from a freelance model.  And our customers are the beneficiary.
Talk to a Live Person
To speak directly with one of our Japanese patent translation experts, just email or call the number below.
Email: Info@jetiptranslations.com
Dir: 1-208-891-4800
Fax: 1-208-855-2157

Request a Quote
If you know the Japan Patent Publication No., give us a call for an immediate phone quote: 1-208-891-4800
Otherwise, fax or email the document to us with your required deadline and we will return a detailed quote to you listing your translation options based on your required timeframe.
Expert Linguists
We are looking for experts in diverse fields of technology and intellectual property who can contribute to our close knit team.  We ask of you no less than what we offer ourselves.  To be considered for this opportunity you must be fluent in Japanese and English and have an advanced technical degree or have passed the patent bar exam, plus a minimum of 10 years in the technical Japanese translation field.

If you meet the above requirements, we eagerly await your call to discuss how your talents can enhance our team.
For a free quote or consultation on your Patent or IP project, contact us at info@jetiptranslations.com or call 1-208-891-4800