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JET Patent & IP specializes in translations for intellectual property attorneys including: patents, prior art, office actions, and litigation.  We focus our talent on Japanese to English technical translations for the law industry. 

Law firms and Intellectual Property departments of corporations across the US and Japan trust JET Patent & IP translators for the best possible production of Japanese to English translations of their patents and intellectual property related documents. Who do you trust?

Accurate, consistent, and professional IP translation from Japanese to English.  Because Words Matter.
Patents & IP are Our Specialty
Why We are Different
"After all we've been through, there is no one else I'd trust to do it right the first time.  JET is right, they know which words matter in IP - in Japanese and English."

SUR Technologies

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Japanese to English patent translation with options to fit your needs and budget.  Patents, Prior Art, Office Actions, and more...

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Our litigation support team is the best in the business.  Experienced IP professionals who can help you identify and manage a winning strategy.

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No Freelance Translators.  All our translators are seasoned veterans who have a personal stake in your satisfaction. It's an approach you benefit from.

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Patent Translation
Litigation Support
Our Unique Approach
We made the decision long ago specifically to not be a translation agency.  We do not service everything in all languages.  We do not use freelance translators to fulfill customer contracts, and we certainly do not search the internet looking for the cheapest translator we can find after accepting your documents.  Instead, we invented a new model.  To see our unique approach that ensures the highest quality and incentives, visit Our Philosophy page.

For a free quote or consultation on your Patent or IP project, contact us at or call 1-208-891-4800