Patent & IP Translation Options
Because translation needs vary depending on situation and budget, JET Patent & IP offers a variety of translation options.  All our options are designed with attorneys in mind to reduce risk but maintain reasonable cost.  Our expertise and thoroughness will save you time and money, and perhaps promote your reputation as well.
Ready-to-File Translation
Includes translation in PCT or Paris Convention format, check-edit, technical review, USPTO compliance review with comments by an internal patent agent, and reproduction of the drawings.  This is the ideal service for Patent Prosecution or Opposition documents.  Certification is available free of charge.
Mirror Translation
Includes translation in identical layout to the original, check-edit, technical review, and attachment of the drawings.  This is good for Patent Prosecution, Opposition, Office Actions, and litigation discovery documents and is especially useful for depositions when a Japanese counterpart is testifying from the original document.  Certification is available free of charge.
Information Translation
Includes translation by an expert in the field and an explanation of the drawings but excludes check edit, technical review, and other services.  This is ideal for prior art documents with peripheral relevancy in support of or in opposition to a disputed patent.  Certification is available with upgrade to Mirror or Premium Translation.
Custom Consultative Translations
Snippet Translation
Includes translation by an expert in the field of relevant extractions regarding a specific element of a patent.  This allows quick and inexpensive decisions on a high volume of peripheral documents when Abstracts alone are not enough.
Consultation Review
Our translators will read a patent and answer questions about specific elements in order to determine relevancy and what degree of translation may be necessary.  This can be done over the phone or on-site as part of a Discovery.
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