An Asset to Strategy
Litigation is a competition measured in verbal inches.  It is a playing field where cases succeed or fail depending on the substantive implications on whether an object is mounted “in” or “on” or whether the chemical substance is referred to as an “agent,” “solution,” or “compound.”  These word-choice distinctions make significant difference to a litigation strategy.  An accurate translation means the difference in not only winning the argument but noticing the argument in the first place.

Litigation & Discovery
Helping Hands When Your Hands are Full
The volume of documents tagged for discovery in litigation can be overwhelming.  JET Patent & IP can help sort priority and index the vital data into a database such as Concordance or Doe Legal through secure virtual private networks (VPN) connecting directly with your law firm.  No documents need to ever pass through the internet. 
As necessary, JET Patent & IP can also work on-site along side the attorneys for redaction identification and priority document translation as part of your paralegal litigation support team.
We Know the Ropes
We have been a part of some of the largest cases in the pharmaceutical, automotive, semiconductor, telecommunications, and other industries.  We have not only been there in the trenches with you, we know how to contribute to success in the trenches by doing it right the first time.
Don’t trust your sensitive material to just any translator.  Let the legal translation professionals at JET Patent & IP help you clarify the subtle points that will lead you to a winning strategy.

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